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In today's economic climate, you need to make every effort count!  Use your resources wisely and be ready to lead the way.

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Innovation & Workplace Learning -- Our hands-on innovation experience at the Spring Meeting of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (GCASTD) provided insight and actionable results for participants.  Our "SIP" of Innovation enabled them to identify and address key issues that face the GCASTD. 

The Six-step Innovation Process, or SIP, is one of the tools we use in many of our services.  A key component of the process is problem identification; a clear understanding of the true problem is needed before any solutions can be consideredPerception Mapping can help to identify key issues by incorporating viewpoints from all functions of an organization, identifying connections between viewpoints, and determining the key issue or "problem" common to all viewpoints.

Perception Mapping has many applications from determining consumer needs to resolving personnel issues.  Learn more here.

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Disruptive Market Innovation Workshop -- Company President Sandy Ping presented a dynamic, highly interactive workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in February.  View details of this workshop here.  To attend a US offering of this event, send us an email with "disruptive" in the subject line.  Visit our Workshops page to enjoy highlights of the workshop.

Click below for Sandy's interview on Malaysian Business Radio

or visit BFM89.9 directly

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