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What We Do for You
In today's economic reality, many companies are getting the message "GAME OVER".  Don't let that happen to you!  While other companies focus on running their existing business, we identify the game-changer that can put you out of business and how to turn it to your profit. We know through years of experience – in P&G and other client companies – the benefits and barriers involved.  Change your game and change it faster.  Our unique innovation capabilities can help you:

  -   Identify your hidden potential for breakthrough innovation
     -   Reduce your risks and costs 
     -   Bullet-proof your efforts 
     -   Target your resources for success

Through Services Workshops & Events , and Special Projects, we will:

     -   Guide you from concept to commercialization
     -   Maximize the value of uncommercialized patents
     -   Show you how to navigate the process to get you there first

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Are you a start-up company?
Small start-ups are the fastest and most flexible at getting innovations to market. But start-ups have major unmet needs that we are uniquely equipped to solve.  Consider this: 

How will you sell your innovation to large corporations? We can guide you through the process so you don’t take all the risk and you can be profitable. These days neither the commercial companies looking for innovations nor the suppliers who are selling to them are satisfied. The commercial companies are taking years to find the innovation that meets their needs, groom the supplier and bring them in. The suppliers themselves are discouraged by the financial burdens and lengthy processes that can mean ruin for them.

Do you have uncommercialized patents?  We can bring value to them with our unique background.  We can tell you how you can best fit into a large company's innovation needs, how to share the costs, and how to get through the elaborate patenting and licensing processes.  Our guidance can take you successfully from the concept stage into the commercial market.

Special Projects
We excel in special projects of various durations where our expertise and arsenal of tools helps get your innovations to market faster and more profitably.  Take a step forward, and contact us to help change your game.  Call us today at (800) 680-3495 or (513) 522-2484,
email or use the Contact Us form.

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