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The first step to success is deciding to take charge of your future and change your game.  The next step is to focus your efforts in the appropriate areas.  We help you navigate the maze strategically from concept to successful commercialization of your innovations, no matter where you currently are on that path. Email or call us at (513) 522-2484 to discuss your future business success. 

At left are some of the services we offer.  Depending on your needs, we can work on 
Special Projects  that incorporate the right mix of services and workshops or we can provide these individually at your request.  In both cases, consult with us to determine the best mix of services and workshops to address your unique business needs.

360° Innovation Systems Analysis TM 
More than 90% of all innovations fail each year because their creators can’t figure out, on their own, how to achieve their goals. Their problem is not bad luck, under-investment, or lack of effort. Their difficulty is that they’re operating in unfamiliar terrain without a roadmap to help them navigate around the roadblocks to success.

360° Innovation Systems Analysis combines comprehensive expertise with an arsenal of powerful tools and applications. If you want to overcome your roadblocks and speed successful innovations to market, let us show you the proactive path to maximizing your strengths.  Call (800) 680-3495 or (513) 522-2484, email or use the Contact Us  form.

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Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling
Innovation never “just happens.” Instead, it’s born of knowledge coupled with timely information.  We have one of the most comprehensive databases of technical, business and patent information in the world.  We use this database to map the information critical to your project, categorize it hierarchically, and show its connections. We can help you find, sort through and use the knowledge you need to move your initiatives ahead.

For further information you may want to:

Listen  as Sandy Ping explains knowledge management from an inventor's perspective here.   (Note: This was recorded when doing business as VentureForward, LLC.)

about software options here.

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Benchmarking Capability: Global Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling
The world of business is changing so fast it's virtually impossible for any one organization to track technological innovations in their own industry, let alone keep up with what's happening in others.  Our Global Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling services enable us to monitor these changes as they occur and to build accurate visual representations of the evolving gaps and overlaps which affect different industry sectors.  Call (800)680-3495 or (513)522-2484,
email or use the Contact Us  form.

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 Intellectual Property and Patent Mapping 
View existing patents in context with a range of services. At the basic level, we analyze the components of relevant patents with our Evolution Potential tool.  You can see how the technology in the patent has progressed or where it is likely to go next.  At more advanced levels, we offer a complete “design-around” or patent strengthening service aimed at safeguarding your intellectual property rights. The figure below illustrates how we pull up relevant patents and related information from the database, categorize them, and connect them visually for easy use.


Take advantage of this powerful tool and call today (800)680-3495
or (513)522-2484,
email or use the Contact Us form.

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Innovation Facility Design

Are you planning to include an innovation/ideation/creativity space in your new building or renovating existing space to include innovation space?  We can help you design the space to be conducive to the innovation process.  From guidance on room layouts and lighting to wall design and technology interfaces, we provide you with proven solutions.  To design your ideal space, call today (800)680-3495 or (513)522-2484, email or use the Contact Us form.

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Open Innovation: Exploring the Possibilities
Just as someone somewhere has already solved or partially solved your problem, someone else wants your solution and is happy to license it from you.  Our Open Innovation services help you make the necessary connections and contacts.

  • What opportunities do you have to license your solutions to someone else?
  • What opportunities can you license and use efficiently?
  • What are the emerging threats to your technology?
  • How are your customers and their needs changing?
  • What disruptive innovations will influence your market over the coming years?

These are just some of the questions we can answer rapidly and realiably for you.
Call us today at (800)680-3495 or (513)522-2484,
email or use the Contact Us form.