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In your innovation process, you may find a need for your own in-house copies of software.  The software available through us is detailed below.  Call (800)680-3495 or (513)522-2484, email or use the Contact Us page for further information or to place your order.

TheBrainTM Technologies                                                 
TheBrain creates a visual knowledgebase of your best thinking; it helps you organize, reference, and track data and information. Some of its applications include customer care, project management, dynamic mind mapping, IT management and helpdesks, impact assessment, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales support, and personal information management. TheBrain consists of two primary products:
 is an enterprise knowledge platform for group collaboration. It's designed for organizations that want to search multiple repositories in many different formats quickly.  They can then share information with teams working across the country and across the globe as easily as with those across the room.   Its Web-based knowledge management interface improves your competitive edge by making information easier to find, compare, modify, share, and act upon.

PersonalBrainTM for individual users is a single-user copy meant for one computer interface. Designed for personal use, it provides dynamic mind mapping software that links your ideas, files and web pages the same way you think, allowing you to expand your comprehension of the data and ability to plan intelligently.

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IFR(Ideal Final Result)Software

Many of the Systematic Innovation workshops use the following software: 

MatrixPlusTM facilitates proactive thinking and conflict resolution. MatrixPlus is built on the discovery – following the analysis of close to three million innovations – that breakthroughs occur when inventors and problem solvers successfully challenge and eliminate the conflicts, trade-offs and paradoxes they might usually assume to be unchallengeable. Whether you’re facing technical, business, or IT problems, MatrixPlus puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you direct access to all the trade-offs -identifying strategies others have used successfully in similar situations. Someone, somewhere, has already solved your problems.  MatrixPlus shows you how they did it.

EvPot+TM Trend Evolution Prediction offers the world’s most comprehensive tool for determining the evolutionary maturity of a technical, business or software system. Based on the analysis of close to three million innovations, this software allows users to analyze the status of their current system.  Then, based on the trend stages they've not yet exploited, to accurately and objectively predict how and where the system will evolve in the future. EvPot+ not only predicts future trends, it also provides reliable, comprehensive guidance on generating and protecting your intellectual property and circumventing threats against it. 
Perception Mapping+TM
used with our workshop, offers powerful problem modeling capability.  By translating raw input perceptions into a contextual hierarchy, it highlights the most important factors and points the way to breakthrough, win-win solutions.

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