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Our most recent workshop is Disruptive Market Innovation, introduced in Malaysia at the end of February.  Hear Sandy's radio interview about innovation and this successful workshop here.

View highlights of the workshop here.  To learn more about attending this workshop in the US, send us an email with "disruptive" in the subject line.
Critical to improving your innovation process, is the right mix of services and workshops. 

We also offer a growing variety of workshops individually,
both publicly and privately in easily accessible locations at convenient times.  If your company would benefit from a workshop dedicated exclusively to its needs, we can work with your team in-house or at a mutually agreeable facility.  See our Locations page for options.  Click on the workshop titles at the right for descriptions.  In addition, we also are happy to work on Special Projects.

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Disruptive Market Innovation

Using Perception Mapping to Manage Complex Problems
Missing data, conflicting opinions, high levels of fuzziness, factionalism, and/or uncertainty often hamper progress.  This in-house workshop addresses these barriers by teaching clients a non-confrontational way of handling problem situations.  This workshop is ordinarily configured according to the needs of the client as a half-day or whole-day private workshop.
Contact us, email, or call today (800) 680-3495 or (513)522-2484 for more information.

Using the 4P’s of Creativity and LeadershipTM to Build Sustainable Innovation Cultures
This two-day workshop teaches you to lead teams focused on jump-starting and maintaining innovational cultures built around core competencies. You'll learn in hands-on sessions to overcome resistance, transition to more productive working environments, focus on innovation as an imperative, identify the components necessary to maintain a self-sustaining proactive culture, and audit and benchmark your progress externally. In the process, you'll work with cutting-edge innovational tools, practice internationally successful strategies, and learn how to avoid costly mistakes.  Learn how Purpose, People, Place, and Processes are the secret to building sustainable innovation.  Become the Innovation Leader in your organization!

See what our clients have said about this course here.

C4TI - Center for Targeted Innovation - Courses & Workshops
The courses & workshops below address a variety of innovation needs and challenges;  most can be configured as 1 or 2 day events either publicly or privately.   Many are cornerstones of Special Projects.  To discuss the right combination of workshops/courses and services, contact us, email, or call today (800) 680-3495 or (513)522-2484.

Front End Innovation™ 
Drawing from Robert G. Cooper’s "Stage Gate Model of New Product Development", we demonstrate how to use this process to structure productive early stage development and navigate critical product development “gates.”  We walk you step-by-step through the discovery, ideation, screening, preparation, and peer review phases that move the project forward to manufacturing and market.

Scenario Planning™ 
This workshop can be configured as a one or two-day public or private workshop.  The depth of discussion and projects discussed will depend on the background and experience of the participants and the complexity and status of their projects.  Public one-day sessions would walk participants through the seven basic steps of the process. 

Disruptive Market Innovation™ 
This one-, two-, or three-day workshop uses hands-on problem-solving techniques to help you understand the conscious and unconscious variables customers consider when purchasing.  Designed for a broad spectrum of participants from business, management, product development, education, and entrepreneurial backgrounds, it demonstrates how knowing your customers’ needs, motives, family sizes, demographics, cultural, and economic perceptions enables you to trigger marketing breakthroughs.  We'll look closely at how fundamental needs and jobs-needing-to-be-done predict outcomes.  We'll explore many facets including the “rules of the game” and when to break them.

Advanced Ideation Tools and Techniques™
This intense, “train the trainer” workshop focuses on finding, using, and combining the available tools to achieve the right mix of tools at the right time. As we explore how to find the ideal solution, you'll learn how to identify critical functional components, identify positive and harmful functions and influences, practice mapping techniques, plot hierarchies, highlight problem areas, analyze and define problems, plan strategies, and overcome barriers.  The tools you learn can help you boost your effectiveness. 

IP (Intellectual Property) Strategy and Patent Blitz ™
In this one or two-day public or private workshop we'll work with small groups to practice inventing on demand.  A one-day course would include an overview of the IP management system, emphasizing its components and their functions.  A two-day course would include these components as well as apply our group facilitation methods to develop new patent possibilities on demand.  Learn about the six components critical to a successful IP Management System.

Hands-On SystematicTM Innovation Series 
The series -
Introduction to Systematic Innovation ,  Hands-On Systematic Innovation for Business and Management , and Breakthrough Product Innovation Boot Camp - is designed to move participants from analysis to innovation to market application.  The content of each uses Targeted Innovation's copyrighted course materials and draws on Darrell Mann's Systematic Innovation.  Depending on your needs, any of these courses can be offered publicly or customized for private in-house concentration on specific projects.  Contact us , email , or call today (800) 680-3495 or (513) 522-2484.

 Introduction to Systematic Innovation

This one-hour illustrated keynote lecture explores the origins and philosophy of Systematic Innovation.   You'll learn about the inter-disciplinary approaches which build on the successful patterns, strategies, and proven techniques common to business, information technologies, and technical problem solving.

Hands-On Systematic Innovation for Business and Management
This two-day workshop will teach you to accurately define the problem to be solved, select the best tools for the job, generate solutions and evaluate results.  Just a few of the topics covered are Problem/Opportunity Exploration, Ideal Final Result Identification, Linear and Nonlinear Trends of Evolution, and Psychological Inertia Tools.

Breakthrough Product Innovation Boot Camp
This intensive four-day, team-taught workshop puts the concepts listed above into practice.  We get you ready to design the human systems needed for consistent innovation to flourish in today's competitive environment. Allow us to help you target your innovation efforts with this hands-on approach.  A certification program is available. 

Contact us , email, or call today (800) 680-3495. See what our clients have said about this course here .